2006_01_food_chix.jpgAfter a long week, there's something nice about a Friday night at home. But being social creatures, we sometimes like to have company over for our nights in. Often tired to cook, we tend to turn to our trusty pile of takeout menus, but there's another option -- the roast chicken. The trick is to find a place along your commute home that makes juicy, tender rotisserie chickens. Our local favorite is Pio Maya, a taqueria that also has nicely spiced roast chickens, available whole, by the half or quarter, either by themselves or with sides, and served with a side of tangy hot sauce. Last Friday we grabbed a few roast chickens, knowing we had some leftover potatoes and green beans at home, and chowed down with some friends. Buying two whole chickens gave us plenty of great leftover meat for dinner and lunch this week (curried chicken salad, shredded chicken tossed in some soup, chicken burritos), and we'll pop the bones in the freezer for homemade stock.

Where do you go for roast chicken in your neck of the woods?

Pio Maya 40 West 8th Street, b/t 5th & 6th. (212) 254-2277