The East Village location of mayo enthusiast Sam Mason's OddFellows ice cream will be reborn as The Sandwich Shop, specializing in ice cream sandwiches and "Odd Pockets" (more on this later). On Friday, instead of cotton candy cones, the wackier of Mason's inventive creations will center around hand-held ice cream conveyers including chocolate chip, spiced ginger and oatmeal cookies, fudge brownies and brioche bread. You can still get scoops and cones, too.

Mason and co-owners Mohan Kumar and Holiday Kumar aren't just slapping a scoop between two cookies and calling it a day. Signature sandwiches are layered with crunchy and gooey elements, like the S'mores ($7), which employes smoked marshmallow ice cream, marshmallow sauce, graham soil and chocolate cookies. Design-minded customers can make their own from toppings like crushed pistachio and rainbow sprinkles, salted caramel sauce and spiced maple syrup.

The "Odd Pockets," a clear sendup of Hot Pockets, are a warmed-up version of the ice cream sandwich, using brioche bread that's stuffed with ice cream and toppings then heated on a panini press. Options include some more savory selections, naturally, like a Bacon version ($8) with bacon ice cream, candied pecan and spiced maple syrup. How come Nestle never thought of that?

75 East 4th Street;

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