Because protesters cannot live on Ben & Jerry's alone, the Occupy Wall Street food committee is on the hunt for a commercial kitchen space. A proposal at last night's General Assembly meeting laid it out: "Winter is coming. We need hot food 2 sustain itself" #ThePeoplesKitchen."

Occupants estimate they spend as much in two days of catering as they would in a month on a commercial kitchen, which would presumably ideally be located downtown near Camp Zuccotti. Until this point, the protesters have been getting food from nearby restaurants and home cooks alike, plus corporate supporters like Ben & Jerry's and Sixpoint Craft Ales (which supplied water). But an affordable kitchen space would open up the possibility for Occupants to afford other cold-weather necessities, like, for example, more sleeping bags.

If you have a lead for a kitchen space, get in touch at now. [via Eater]