Earth-friendly New Yorkers that drink beer at sporting events out of aluminum bottles are not only likely to yell at someone before the night is over, they also happen to be breaking the law. According to an obscure 1982 law, called The Bottle Law, aluminum bottles are technically illegal in New York.

The crime is actually all in the caps. The Bottle Law came into effect to prevent the use of pull tab cans, because those tabs present a danger to animals who would choke on them once they were discarded. Any bottle metal beverage container that didn't come with an attached lid was outlawed. Aluminum bottles were introduced later as an answer; they're also easy to recycle and refrigeration units use less energy to keep them cold.

Apparently, even state lawmakers were unaware of the Bottle Law until beer industry execs approached them recently about changing it. As of now, the amendment awaits Governor Cuomo's signature before it becomes official.

If it seems strange that a law from 1982 existed for so long without anyone noticing—remember that Louis Gossett Jr. won an Academy Award in 1982 for Best Supporting Actor in An Officer and a Gentleman, and people still don't give Gossett Jr. dap. Strange, but true.