In case you've been cut off from the outside world, we wanted to let you know that Keith McNally's Morandi (named after the painter, Giorgio Morandi) is officially opening tonight in the West Village. The man behind Balthazar, Pastis, and Schiller's Liquor Bar has teamed up with Chef Jody Williams, most recently at Gusto, for an Italian extravaganza.

The menu from chef Jody Williams features Burrata with roasted peppers and arugula, Bagna Cauda, a fritti section, prociutto with gnocco fritto, and daily specials, including Bollito Misto. If his other restaurants are any preview of what's to come, don't expect to get in anytime soon.

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Morandi, 211 Waverly Place (at Charles), 212-627-7575

Photo courtesy of Urban Daddy