Pour out your sarsaparilla for Broadway's vaguely cowboy-themed diner Silver Spurs; the NYU student staple will hit the dusty trail and serve its last Texan Omelette this Sunday. EV Grieve brings us the sad news from 9th Street, where a sign posted in the diner's window reveals the 34-year-old joint's lease expired and they will be vacating their longstanding occupancy on the corner.

When I started at NYU in 2002, Silver Spurs' proximity to my dorm made it my go-to greasy spoon for Saturday breakfasts or a quick plate of cheese fries after classes. Sure, the food wasn't anything exceptional, but the menu's funny vernacular—eggs were ovals, z's popped up where they didn't belong and there was running commentary from some deranged cowboy—made it a quirky favorite amongst my friends.

The diner's second location on Laguardia Place will remain open to sate colossal burger and grilled cheeze cravings. As for the soon to be vacant Broadway spot, insert sad-but-true retail bank joke here.