2005_11_odwalla1.jpgNYU's ban on Killer Coke is fast approaching: if the company doesn't agree to an independent investigation of its Latin American labor practices, the university is set to get rid of all Coca-Cola products on December 9th. The Washington Square News notes that the ban will include a whole variety of Coke Corp products-- not just the eponymous beverage:

About 12 different products will be banned from campus, including Powerade, Nestea and Minute Maid, in addition to Coke and Sprite soft drinks. Hi-C, Odwalla, Fanta, Barq’s Root Beer, Seagrams Ginger Ale, and Dasani water.

We've never had Barq's Root Beer, but during our time at NYU we must have drunk a thousand liters of Odwalla! If we had known that each delicious drop of fruit juice was lining the pockets of a union-busting global conglomerate, we'd probably have stuck to water. That'll teach us not to read labels!