The awesome, mouthwatering, free exhibit on the history of lunch currently going at the NYPL just got even better. The gallery show, Lunch Hour NYC, already ends with a discussion of the modern New York lunch hour, including the recent popularity of food trucks and now, Diner's Journal reports, attendees will be able to enjoy actual food truck fare when they go back outside (without having to walk another block or two).

Starting on Wednesday a rotating lineup of food trucks will be pulling up by the main branch building, hopefully to the delight of office drones, tourists and library visitors alike:

The parade of vendors, which will continue until Labor Day, will feature one food truck every weekday at lunchtime from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., including Mexicue, Schnitzel & Things, Red Hook Lobster Pound, the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck and Eddie’s Pizza truck. They will open for business in a pop-up space that is owned by the Parks Department on a terrace to the south side of the library at West 40th Street.

Even better? "A portion of the food-truck sales will go to the Bryant Park Corporation, which manages and maintains the plaza, and the public library as well."

You can keep track of what trucks are coming on the exhibit's website as well as on Twitter (natch).