Today the New York Times made Chipotle's burritos a little less zesty for New York's Finest by reporting that the chain's downtown Brooklyn location near the courthouse gives officers a 50% discount as a courtesy, a deal they're barred by department rules from accepting. The paper's "crying" (as one commenter on Thee Rant puts it) may have produced results: cops didn't appear to be receiving any special discounts during the restaurant's lunch rush today, not that they'd accept them anyway. "I make $140,000," one NYPD officer of over 20 years told us. "Do you really think I'm going to jeopardize my integrity for a sandwich?"

Danielle, a 23-year-old who works nearby, opined, "For [police] to get free shit is bullshit." She ordered a burrito and an iced tea, adding that employees of the DA's office got a 20% discount off membership fees at local gyms.

Though the transactions we witnessed between first responders and Chipotle employees appeared discount-free, the one harried burrito-slinger we spoke with confirmed the policy: "Oh yeah, police officers in uniform get 50% off. A lot of them take it." Now cops who want cheaper burrito bowls may have to start eating at Taco Bell.

The veteran officer, who declined to give his name, explained that discounts came in many forms, not just with black or pinto beans. "There are websites where you can plug in your ID number and print out a discount—what's the difference between that and accepting free coffee from Joe Bodega?" (Or being a member at the Harvard Club?) He echoed the same sentiment that NYPD higher-ups did in the Times' article: that favors can lead to expectations of reciprocation, and that some officers may come to expect more than free food.

Not that you'd have to worry about that with him: "Do I accept stuff? Off the record? No. On the record? No." The officer added that he doesn't even like Chipotle, and was spending lunch with his colleagues at the courthouse: "It's too salty."

With reporting by Carrie Dennis & Claire Voon