Over the last few years, subtly painted vans like the one above started popping up across the city, doing brisk business selling "pot pops." Our own inquiry to the van's proprietor resulted in us learning that the lollipops only tasted like cannabis, but wouldn't actually get someone high. However, it took the NYPD another year or so to come to this conclusion themselves, and they were as outraged as any Post reporter could have hoped: "Maybe we can slap them with a charge of lying to the public," a law-enforcement source told the Post.

According the Post, NYPD officers recently "field-tested" the lollipops and confirmed that, duh, it contained no marijuana. Even so, cops have started cracking down on the vans for their "aggressive sales tactics." One Weed World manager, who identified himself as Gregory "Ghost" Ware, told the Post that the pops contain hemp oil, and "it mixes with your body and gives off a nice, natural buzz," which customers said was complete bullshit. “I’ve smoked weed, and this isn’t the same," said Mark Santana. "It’s too much money for five lollipops.”

Cops in Soho arrested three Weed World employees on July 30th on misdemeanor charges of selling goods without a vendor's license; they also impounded a Weed World van parked at Prince Street and Broadway, with boxes of lollipops as evidence. So even though they're mostly skirting the strict NY weed laws, never underestimate how hard it is out there for a cannabis-flavored, non-marijuana containing lollipop salesman.