An NYPD officer got a nasty surprise when he bit into a cheesesteak sandwich and ended up with a razor blade in his mouth this week.

A police spokesperson said the incident happened on Thursday around 4:30 p.m. when the officer, whose name has not been released, picked up a sandwich at Bon Appetit sandwich shop in Rockaway Park. When the officer, who was on duty in plainclothes at the time and assigned to the NYPD’s Critical Response Command, took a bite of the sandwich, he felt a sharp pain, and pulled a razor out of his mouth.

He was taken to Nassau County Medical Center for treatment. Police say no arrests have been made as of yet, and the investigation is ongoing.

The Daily News adds, "Police were trying to determine if a worker at Bon Appetit planted the razor inside the sandwich or if this was a freak accident." A worker at the shop declined to comment when reached by phone by Gothamist.

NBC reports that cops are trying to get access to the security cameras at the deli, but a DNA sample was recovered from the blade and is being tested.

While it's unclear whether this was an accident or purposeful, negative reviews referencing the incident have started showing up on Bon Appetit's Yelp page: "Ordered from here but the food was terrible. It gave me razor burn," Stayfly Brooklyn L. wrote. "I was craving a razor blade in my food the other day and heard this was the best spot for that and they didn't disappoint," added Spencer T.