For two brief, shining weeks, the city's priciest, most decadent latte was the $7 licorice latte that hailed from Greenpoint newcomer Budin. But this latte, like most new New Yorkers, has learned that monthly MetroCards cost more than hopes and dreams, and the price has gone up to $10.

Apparently, Budin's owners have long intended to swap Alexander Hamiltons (I had to Google that) for the licorice latte. "Because it was opening weekend, we wanted to open with special price," co-owner Rut Hermannsdóttir told us. And to be fair, Brooklyn Based claims high demand might account for the price increase, too. The latte, made with Ethiopian-grown, Norway-roasted coffee beans and the anise syrup and raw licorice powder from Denmark has drawn crowds to the Nordic-inspired coffee shop since its recent debut, reportedly running the shop low on supplies from overseas. Plus, the latte is served on a silver platter—regular coffee runs about $2, and lattes are $4.

Also, for what it's worth, the average cup of coffee in Oslo (the city, not the Williamsburg coffeshop) clocks in at around $6, and the average pint of beer runs nearly $15. We are spared this, at least.