If you want to try the most incredible mozzarella around, head to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and turn onto 187th Street for Casa Della Mozzarrella. The narrow Italian grocery offers various items, from packaged pastas and cookies to olives and cold cuts, but the star would be their fresh mozzarella which is made in the back of the store.

A "medium" ball of salted mozzarella ended up being two pounds and about $15. Initially suspecting that two pounds was too much, it became clear two pounds was too little after tasting the cheese: Soft, silky and creamy. No wonder its fans call it the best mozzarella “this side of the Atlantic" and "like oral dairy porn." Watch video of the mozzarella being made below!

Mozzarella and friends (Jen Chung/Gothamist)

You can supplement the mozzarella with other antipasti from Casa Della Mozzarella or other Arthur Avenue standbys like Teitel Brothers or the Arthur Avenue Retail Market and bread from any of the bakeries for a great meal.