It's hard to imagine how an event called "BrunchCon" could devolve into a chaotic drunken mess. And yet, according to journalists who attended NYC's debut BrunchCon this weekend, the whole experience was similar to SantaCon, but with fewer Sexy Elves.

Held at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, the event promised to feed hundreds of people brunch goods from spots like Bricolage, Butter & Scotch, Midnights, Cafe Grumpy, Beast of Bourbon and Black Swan, plus unlimited mimosas. The BrunchCon team helpfully foreshadowed all the brunch fun in a "trailer" for the event, soundtracked by some terrible EDM song:

Unfortunately, the magic was not quite there for many would-be brunchconners—according to Metro, over 2,250 attendees tried to cram into the space, and some found their $55-$90 ticket got them little more than interminable lines filled with terrible drunk people—just like real brunch!

"I used to work in event planning, and this is the most unorganized, poorly run event I've been to," Beth Colucci, who came in from Dutchess County with her bridesmaids to celebrate her upcoming wedding, told Metro. "People were very rude and very pushy. We were shoved out of the way multiple times by drunk people." She noted that a few of the bridesmaids were pregnant. "I felt very unsafe for them," she said.

Colucci was not alone:

It's a little difficult to feel sorry for people who willingly paid to attend something that combined the two worst drinking-related events in New York, but as Jesus said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who seek unlimited mimosas." Meanwhile, the BrunchCon team blamed yesterday's turmoil on the Grand Prospect Hall. Here's their statement:

The organizers of BrunchCon take all of our attendees comments and feedback very seriously, and you can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to remedy these situations for next year’s event.

Our main goal is to ensure that our attendees have fun; while we did see most of our attendees laughing, enjoying delicious food from our amazing vendors, and sipping on mimosas, there were a handful of attendees who had to deal with long lines. The main problem contributing to the lines was the size and layout of this specific venue, so we will not be returning to the Grand Prospect Hall next year. Instead, we will seek out a much bigger venue with an open floor plan that can accommodate all of our attendees and reduce the wait times. We know New Yorkers take brunch very seriously, which is why we’re committed to learning from your feedback and throwing the best BrunchCon NYC possible in 2018.

BrunchCon's back, baby!