The shroud over 6th Avenue and 37th Street has been lifted, as NYC's first official Chick-Fil-A has resumed vending its fried chicken sandwiches. Nearly a week after it voluntarily shuttered following a grim inspection by the DOH, the fried chicken chain opened its doors this morning, a day later than initially planned. The restaurant had racked up 59 violation points during an inspection on Christmas Eve; ah, sweet karma.

"We opened at 6:30 a.m. following the completion of our voluntary shut-down to perform maintenance and facilities updates. We appreciate our customers' patience and look forward to serving them soon," the company told CNBC. The company released a statement on its website yesterday, copping to the findings by the DOH and explaining how they'd set about fixing the issues.

It's only been a few months since the restaurant officially opened in October, so apparently operating in a "very busy urban environment"—as they point out in their statement—got the better of them. Meanwhile, we'll just casually enjoy the irony of an anti-LGBT, Bible-thumping fast food chain being infested with flies.