Just when we thought we'd have to go all the way to New Haven for the best slice of pizza pie, the 5 Borough Pizza Tour declares the best slice can be found right over in Staten Island. Salvatore of Soho (of Staten Island) came out on top; however, our resident pizza and Staten Island expert, John Kuhner, tells us "My favorite is Nunzio's, but the most famous is probably Denino's." Either way, it sounds like a good amount of our city's top slices are over there, so let's steal their recipes before selling the borough off to New Jersey.

The Daily News (who printed a photo of the wrong pizza joint owner) talked to tour organizer, Jeff Orlick of Queens, who told them: "If we're choosing one pizzeria, we're choosing that place. [But] the variety in Brooklyn surpasses the other boroughs."

So what about the other boroughs? The group assigned a top slice spot for each: John's Pizzeria in Elmhurst, Mario's Restaurant in Belmont, L'asso in lower Manhattan and Luigi's Pizza in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. If you're a crust (wo)man, you'll want to hit up Mario's Restaurant on Arthur Avenue, which had the best, flavor-packed crust on tour.

Unlike the pizza-a-day guy, these foodies narrowed their survey down to 26 restaurants, and had 40 opinions for each over a 2 month time period. Orlick scouted each contender out beforehand, riding his bike through the boroughs to sample slices.