When the Shorty's On Wheels food truck fell on hard times and stopped visiting Brooklyn, it was a dark day for the borough's cheesesteak fans. But the gods of meat-and-cheese smiled upon us today with word that Shorty's will be touching down in Brooklyn, opening its first location in the borough in winter of 2016. DNAinfo reports that the chainlet will be moving to 229 Flatbush Avenue, the former site of that shop that tattooed a dog. Here's to better karma in Prospect Heights!

Shorty's, which bills itself as "NYC's only authentic cheesesteak," operates four other locations in Manhattan that serve the superlative cheesesteaks in varying flavors from classic to Buffalo Chicken to Chicken Pizza Steak. They also serve, hands down, some of the city's best french fries, especially the Italian Fries topped with Italian herbs and Romano cheese. They'll leave your breath reeking to high heaven, but at least people will leave you alone on the subway!