In this town you can always find someone to argue with about who makes the best of—well, really anything. Cupcakes? Burgers? Pizza? There are numerous options for each, and passionate defenders for all. When it comes to the best chocolate chip cookie, though, we were surprised to realize that only one option came to mind. We can't even think of any close seconds. City Bakery takes the cake, er, cookie. It's perfect: crisp around the edges and chewy on the inside, with big chunks of dark chocolate for that endorphin rush. You don't have to choose between crunchy or chewy—you get both. How do they do it? Maybe it's the generous size (big enough to split if you feel like sharing). Or is there a secret recipe (replacing some or all of the butter with a different fat)? You can get them with white chocolate instead, but our money is on the classic. The cookies can also now be found at City Bakery's new cousin, the take-out-only "green" bakery Birdbath.

City Bakery
3 W. 18th Street
Tel: (212) 366-1414

223 First Avenue
(Between 13th and 14th)