2005_08_fatty.jpgWither the McDonald's fries and black and white cookies? The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene want to Take the Trans Fat Out of New York! It's a big initiative to prevent cardiovascular disease, and the goal is lofty: To get NYC food establishments from restaurants to supermarkets to stop using or selling partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Yes, we're talking trans fats which makes foods shelf stable (think the bag of Oreos or bag of chips). In fact, this is what the DoHMH says:

Before purchasing prepared products, check for partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in the ingredient list. Prepared restaurant foods commonly containing trans fat include pre-fried vegetables (e.g., French fries, fried zucchini, mozzarella sticks, etc.), pre-fried chicken and fish (e.g.,. chicken nuggets, fish fillets, etc.), baked goods (e.g., hamburger buns, cakes, cookies, pies, crackers, etc.) and pre-mixed foods (e.g., croissant dough, pancake mix, salad dressing, hot chocolate mix, etc.). Ask for trans fat-free alternatives.

The NY Post contacted McDonald's and Burger King, which both had no comment, but more high end restaurants were proud to say they did use heathlier oils like olive oil. The Daily News says many people were happy about this kind of Big Brother move, unlike the reaction to the smoking ban. Gothamist isn't so sure, because McDonald's fries or White Castle sliders are really good. But as with anything in life, it's all about moderation.