According to a new survey by Simply Orange, an orange juice company with absolutely no bias or investment whatsoever in the findings, more than two-thirds of Americans agree that NYC is the brunch capital of the country. But if brunch is only for assholes, does that mean that Simply Orange simply thinks we're all a bunch of assholes?

NYC beat out San Francisco, LA, Chicago and DC for the mid-morning meal award. They found that 44 percent of people think brunch is an essential part of coming to NYC, and more women than men (48 percent vs. 40 percent) think that eating brunch is an important part of "experiencing the culture." Because after all, nothing gets New Yorkers' nipples hard like indulging in gratuitously long, overpriced meals based around the pancake family.

The survey, which was conducted by Kelton Research in March 2011, also found that more than two out of every three Americans thinks orange juice should be the official juice of brunch in the United States Of Freedom. And while that doesn't seem like an outrageous proposition/argument to make, it does seem like such a survey sponsored by an orange juice company may be a bit questionable. But when will Big Orange Juice do their scientific surveys on Linner? Or poor, neglected Dunch?