In an attempt to share the wealth of New York's cupcake scene, Gothamist FedExed a dozen cupcakes to The Kristen Buckley Show in L.A. (8 with vanilla cake, 3 with chocolate cake, 1 red velvet). After telling them about our project, the people at Buttercup Bake Shop were very helpful in trying to buffer the cupcakes from the sides with extra wax paper. We then wrapped the box in some bubble wrap and slid it into a large FedEx box, putting more bubble wrap and paper to prevent shifting. Gothamist sent the cupcakes on their way at 2PM and tracked the package throughout the night.

The cupcakes arrived in L.A. at 9AM, a little worse for wear. Seeing this photograph, Gothamist can say for sure that cardboard dividers for the cupcakes would have been a wise idea - the mushed cupcakes to the right look like an optical illusion. At any rate, we're still impressed they held up this well, with the frosting still in tact. And they probably were still good enough to eat, and that's all one can ask for.