Despite the fact that New York City is clearly #1, sometimes other places foolishly want to challenge us. So it was in the case of the annual Regional Metro Tap Water Taste Test, organized by the EPA and held by at the American Museum of Natural History. Westchester, Orange, Nassau and Suffolk counties all tried to put their tap water up against New York City's and were found lacking, as NYC took home the top prize. In your face, nearby regions!

The Department of Environmental Protection announced the good news in a press release stunting on those fools from other counties. Besides informing the world that we were first and best in regional tap water taste (it's how are bagels taste so good), the press release also took the time to mention that New York City is one of only five large cities in the entire country that runs "a largely unfiltered drinking water supply" and that it's all thanks to our watershed protection efforts.

Next up for our incredible, tasty tap water is the statewide competition in Syracuse in September, a competition that we've previously won. And why wouldn't we? New York City tap water is good enough that it can wind up being the first thing you miss if you spend a long enough time elsewhere attempting to gulp down the overly-chlorinated trash water found outside these city limits.

So why not go to the sink and have a glass of good old fashioned New York City tap water? Not only is it still incredibly hot outside and you could use the hydration, but our water is the best in the whole downstate region, the state, and probably the world. Anyone saying otherwise is nothing but a ridiculous hater who should not be listened to anyway.