City restaurants are continuing their health inspection upswings, with 95 percent of restaurants scoring "A" grades, according to Department of Health statistics.

Indeed, more and more restaurants have earned As since the letter grading system was implemented five years ago. 20,018 restaurants got "A"s this year, with only 468 scoring "B"s and 489 getting slapped with the dreaded "C".

Lest you think this means you can start licking your favorite deli's floor, the Post points out that 4,143 restaurants still have pending scores, having failed to earn an A grade on first inspection. Still, earlier this summer it was reported that nearly 60 percent of restaurants got A grades initially, which is an uptick.

Though officials have lauded the letter grade system, critics say the ratings are subjective, and say certain non-imminent violations should be reduced. Plus, evidence shows even A grade restaurants aren't necessarily the cleanest.