Buyers of baby formula, take note—the city is currently investigating whether a company is falsely marketing its popular baby formula as easier to digest and healthier for infants.

The Department of Consumer Affairs, helmed by commissioner Julie Menin, is questioning Abbott Laboratories' claim that their Similac formula is "designed to be closer than ever to breast milk," making it prime for babies suffering from "fussiness and gas," food allergies and colic. Though the city reportedly has had no specific complaints about the formula, investigators are still taking the company to court to produce "hundreds of thousands of pages of documents" pertaining to its marketing campaign.

Abbott says the DCA's subpoena is "burdensome," and there's been some talk that the city's campaign against Abbott is really an attempt to get more women to breastfeed—according to Bloomberg, health officials have been encouraging mothers to breastfeed after researchers found only 31 percent of new mothers were feeding their infant only breast milk at age 2 months.

The World Health Organization recommends mothers breastfeed their babies exclusively for the first six months of their lives—Donald Trump might disagree.