We always thought the first Halo Top lawsuit would be a full-on Seinfeld "Non-Fat Yogurt" situation, and to be quite honest, we're a bit disappointed to report that it is not. One Queens man feels he was misled into believing Halo Top was normal (not "light") ice cream, and has now filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn.

The frozen ice cream product's LOW CALORIES and HIGH PROTEIN are emblazoned over its colorful cartons, and it's kind of hard to miss. In fact, the brand has become popular for being a reasonably palatable alternative to regular ice cream. But alas...

The NY Post has, ahem, the scoop about disillusioned plaintiff Josh Berger, who "bought a [$6.99] pint of diet brand Halo Top in 2017, under the impression that it was regular ice cream because of its 'false, deceptive, and misleading' labeling," and he has now filed a lawsuit against Eden Creamery, the parent company of the L.A.-based Halo Top.

According to court documents obtained by Gothamist, the lawsuit alleges that "the brand name 'Halo Top' is misleading because consumers often associate the word 'Halo' with the color yellow, consistent with common dictionary definition which refers to it as a disk or circle of light surrounding or above the head of a saint to represent their holiness. Consumers also know that yellow is the color associated with butter and cream, because of the milk produced by pasture-raised and forage-eating cows." [Pause for reaction.]

The Post notes that Berger "was bummed to find that it was harder and less creamy than the regular ice cream," but everyone knows you need to microwave a full pint of Halo Top for around 60 seconds before sinking your spoon in to get the full creamy texture.