The New York Botanical Garden's spectacular train show pulls into the Bronx this weekend, bringing with it delightful depictions of New York City landmarks. The Garden runs related programming each year, including their adults-only Bar Car Nights, but this year they're taking the immersion a step further, launching a Holiday Dining Pavilion in conjunction with the exhibition.

Beginning this Saturday when the main event opens, Stephen Starr Events creates a "Streets of New York" dining area beneath a tent outside the train show. Underneath, explore cuisines and dishes from city neighborhoods including pizza and pasta inspired by the historic Arthur Avenue, located nearby. Also on hand, soul food reminiscent of that found at the 125th Street Station, "dirty water dogs" from the Broadway Cart and, somewhat oddly, soups and chili from the Chelsea Stand.

Sweet tooths take note of the dedicated Dessert Shoppe, where you'll find gelato in flavors like Roasted Hazelnut, Maple Ginger Snap and Apple Caramel Crisp plus sorbets, pumpkin rolls, chocolate cake and train-shaped Christmas cookies.

New Yorkers might not make much of an opportunity to sample...things they can get on a daily basis! But keep in mind visiting relatives and their possible excitement over a "real New York hot dog!" You can trust in Starr, too, who operates a multitude of restaurants in Philly—including the Fette Sau outpost—plus Morimoto and Caffe Storico in NYC. Gotta entertain the in-laws somehow, right? Plus, the train show is wicked cool.

The pavilion operates daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check website for holiday hours.