It's the end of June and all the typical signs of summer in NYC have now emerged: ice cream trunk jingles (and the cries of people complaining about them to 311) fill the air; air conditioner fluid (a.k.a. City Juice) drips from the sky; and fire hydrants have been magically unburdened of their clapper valves. And if you walk through almost any major park in the city, you'll smell the sweetest aroma: charcoal, lighter fluid, and unprocessed meat.

Sai Mokhtari/Gothamist

We sent photographer Sai Mokhtari out to Prospect Park last weekend to check out what New Yorkers are grilling up this summer, and she ended up gorging on a lot of BBQ.

"The first dude I saw had a couple burgers and a hot dog on there and I was thinking, 'Please don't let today be all about shriveled up hot dogs and burgers,'" she said. "Thankfully, the people at Prospect Park were a lot more creative than me and they were grilling up some things that I never would have thought to bring to the park." Like these people below who offered her some fish balls:

Sai Mohktari/Gothamist

Click through to get a better look at all the delicious grub (as well as some recipes), from pigs' feet to steaks marinated in Worcester sauce, from chicken & pepper skewers to grilled squid to black bean and corn salad. You'll note that some photos lack captions—in most cases that is because the chefs refused to divulge their recipes!