When we're not sucking down boilermakers and scorpion bowls, New Yorkers are reaching for the picklebacks. A data dump by Foursquare revealed that the city mentions the shot duo 3173% more than any other state, which seems unsurprising given our love of whiskey-based anything. Apparently East Village bar The Belfry is one of the top places to order the drink, as they offer five different varieties and permutations.

The Foursquare Vices Challenge—they presented the info in quiz format—tracks the most mentioned "sinful" items including both booze and comfort foods. Our neighbors to the north in Connecticut apparently dig on Fried Mozzarella, while Garden State dwellers crave on Disco Fries. Makes sense: come to the big city to do your drinking then quiet that hangover back in your home state.

[via Time Out]