As the year winds to a close, we just wanted to share some of our favorite food trends of 2005:

2004_12_food_burgerjoint.jpgShake Shack -- We still can't figure it out, but people are still absolutely ga ga about this place. They track its openings, closings and menu changes obsessively (when's it opening for the season? Oh my God, they're serving breakfast!). We'll give it another chance in 2006, but for now, we'll stick to the Burger Joint.

Return of the Carbs -- Hallelujah! Bread and pasta are no longer considered to be agents of the devil. Sign us up for the pasta tasting menu at Babbo.

The Humongo-Restaurant -- Del Posto is the prime specimen of this phenomenon, but others are on the way for 2006, including a gigantic outpost of Morimoto.

Farm-Fresh -- Getting local produce and fresh ingredients is nothing new, but Cookshop's list of "our favorite farmers" takes it to a whole new level.

What were your favorite food trends this year?