Cupcakes; photo: NY Daily News

In NYC, there's nothing like taking a successful concept and running with it in every single possible neighborhood. The Times' Michelle Golden digs into the creation stories that most New Yorkers with a sweet tooth have wondered about: What caused the recent boom of cupcakeries. Gothamist was relieved to finally understand the intricate relationships (pleasant or difficult) and the so-and-so "begat" such-such. The lifeline starts at Magnolia Bakery, with Buttercup Bakeshop, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and Billy's Bakery admitting to being clones. Now some of the sincere imitators have their own legal staffs making sure they aren't being copied. Magnolia co-founder Alysa Torey points out that the Magnolia Bakery cookbook is out there for all to attempt to make their own cupcakes with addictive frosting (if you ever wondered how much sugar was in that frosting but didn't want to know, don't read the book), and Gothamist says thank God for that. We will not quit until there's a cupcake shop within a two block radius of us.

Last week, the Daily News made some adults and children test the city's cupcakes and the Times on the best cupcakes in the city. NY magazine on more places for sweets.