The New York Times is beloved for its millennial navel gazing, obsessively chronicling the lives of the super rich and teaching your mom how to use the computer. And while much of its food coverage deserves accolades, a guacamole recipe Tweeted by the Gray Lady today unleashed a torrent of internet bile like we haven't seen since they tried to make grape salad a thing.

According to the Times, we should be putting sweet peas into our guacamole; according to the internet...

The recipe—which also calls for toasted sunflower seeds—is an adaptation of a dish found at ABC Cocina, the Jean-Georges joint inside ABC Carpet & Home. The recipe's author, Times food columnist Melissa Clark, has doubled down on her claim of tasty guac with peas while firmly stating that she did not create the recipe.

Just remember all the good they did for the monocle.

UPDATE: President Barack Obama, Leader of the Free World, Dropper of Mics, has weighed in on Guacgate2015: