(Courtesy of the Griswold family)

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, the NY Times has issued a lengthy correction regarding a whole bunch of Thanksgiving day recipes they published last Wednesday. Hope you didn't make your pawpaw pudding with a papaya! Below, the "numerous errors" from their United States of Thanksgiving feature:

  • The recipe from Connecticut, for quince with cipollini onions and bacon, omitted directions for preparing the quince. It should be peeled, cored and cut into 1-inch chunks.
  • An illustration with the West Virginia recipe, for pawpaw pudding, depicted a papaya—not a pawpaw.
  • The introduction to the recipe from Arizona, for cranberry sauce and chiles, misstated the origin of Hatch chiles. They are grown in New Mexico, not in Arizona.
  • The label for the illustration for the nation’s capital misspelled the District of Columbia as Colombia.

Alright, looks like nothing catastrophic... unless you're in the du Pont family, who suffered through an entire week of people believing one of their estates was built in 1837 when it was really built in 1839. Aren't the holidays stressful enough for families, NY Times!

  • The introduction to the Delaware recipe, for du Pont turkey with truffled zucchini stuffing, referred incorrectly to several historical points about the Winterthur estate. It was an ancestral home of the du Pont family, not the sole one; it was established in 1837, not in 1810; the house was completed in 1839, not in 1837. The introduction also misstated the relationship of Pauline Foster du Pont to Eleuthère Irénée du Pont. Pauline was the wife of Mr. du Pont’s grandson, not his daughter-in-law.

Obviously the paper issued this massive correction for the sole purpose of NOT taking back the the whole Grape Salad thing. You feel that side eye, Minnesota? [h/t John McQuaid]