Chick-Fil-A's threats of proliferation have become more real today with news that the chain has big plans for new chicken restaurants locally by 2018. The New York area—including Long Island, northern New Jersey and Connecticut—should brace itself for about a dozen new restaurants to open in the next year and a half, including several right here in NYC, Buzzfeed News reports.

Joining the Herald Square flagship and the newly-opened midtown outpost are potential new restaurants in the Financial District near the Fulton Center and possibly somewhere on the Upper East Side. The rumored Madison Square Park location was not confirmed and none of the other NYC outposts were named by the company. Long Island enjoys a Port Jefferson Station outpost, with others potentially arriving in three other towns during this expansion phase; there were no specifics about Connecticut.

The New York market isn't the only area the problematic chicken chain has targeted for invasion. Strategic plans have already been set in motion for Los Angeles, Washington State, Portland and Nevada, which'll help bump up the chain's 2,000+ strongholds throughout the country. May our strong defenses protect us.