Nutella is the kind of food that brings people together—carnivores, pizzaiolos, and thieving Ivy Leaguers, to name a few. And it makes sense that this alarmingly addictive hazelnut spread has such an international appeal, because according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), this stuff gets whipped up all over the world. See what tiny jars of magic we can make if we all just get along?

The OECD, which studies and oversees international economic progress and world trade, mapped out all the countries that manufacture and provide ingredients for the Milky Way's most popular hazelnut spread. And there are a lot of them: though Nutella's homebase is the Ferraro factory in Northern Italy, ingredients are sourced from such disparate countries as Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, France and Nigeria, and factories in Russia, North America, South America and European countries outside of Italy manufacture Nutella, too.

All these happy little nations working together to create the world's most delicious condiment warms our diabetic hearts! One day we'll look back fondly at this utopian era, before The Hershey Company bought the company, replaced the hazelnut and cocoa with polyglycerol polyricinoleate and outsourced all manufacturing to China.

[h/t Quartz]