If flu shots, nightly tequila bodyshots and life lessons in health from non-doctor Deirdre Imus have failed to keep those evil influenza germs at bay, you might be one of the many New Yorkers holed up in their apartments rocking out to "Dear Doctor" with a 102 degree fever and willing your achey head to explode. But while there's no real cure for the flu, an Ohio-based ice cream company may have just come up with the next best thing: influenza sorbet!

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, which sells their frozen treats at stores all over country, concocted this combo of cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, orange and lemon juices and a dose of Maker's Mark bourbon, claiming that it'll help battle fluey symptoms like sore throat and stuffy noses. The sorbet, which costs $12 a pint, is modeled after owner Jeni Britton Bauer's grandmother's home cold remedies. "I’ve had people tell me it’s the only thing that makes them feel better. It actually does have a physical effect," she told the Post.

And while you probably won't find the sorbet on pharmacy shelves anytime soon ("It might spice you up or knock you out—but it’s no vaccine," Doris Bucher, who helped develop this year's flu shot, told the Post) things like ginger and honey do tend to soothe certain cold symptoms, plus the sobert boasts a little dash of pectin, which is a main ingredient in cough drops. "It coats your throat. It’s just what some people need," Bauer said. And if that's what your achey, breaky, shaky, sick-of-lying-in-bed-watching-that-Mob Wives-marathon body needs right now, you can order the sorbet online and have it delivered to your door.