Would you eat a cow, and then wear its skin? Food just went from farm to table to your closet (we await the inevitable moniker for this group of foodie fashionistas: foodista?). According to the NY Post, Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg is selling leather goods constructed from the tanned hides of the locally sourced cows and pigs that make it to their menu.

This has actually been going on for almost a year now, and when the line launched NY Mag wondered if it would become a trend. While it hasn't seemed to taken off yet, we still fear the day we're handed over a chicken-skin change purse with some nuggets at McDonald's. (Just kidding, those aren't made from real chickens!)

The bags come with a high price tag, $300 to $400, but don't forget you're also buying away your guilt. One man who stops by the restaurant daily recently bought a belt, and the designer (whose husband owns the eatery) explained, "it was really more that idea that 'It's my responsibility. I eat those animals so much—I need to participate in this whole cycle.'"

The goods are sold at Marlow & Sons, as well as sister establishments Diner (also in Williamsburg) and Roman's (in Fort Greene). Those behind they project (which actually is a nice idea), say they're "keeping it really small, and for our customers at the restaurant who have eaten those animals. [Look at] how quickly you can eat a burger, and that animal sacrifice for you is just gone. Whereas with the bag, that's something that can last for generations and generations." Yep, never forget: Colin...