Pizzagate, the conspiracy theory that claims (with no evidence) that high-ranking Democratic officials and allies operate an international pedophilia ring centered around Washington, DC's Comet Pizza, made a cameo in New York City this month when employees of Roberta's received threatening phone calls related to the internet fixation.

Someone who called Roberta's on the morning of December 1st told an employee who answered the phone that "You are going to bleed and be tortured" according to DNAinfo. The restaurant got another phone call the next afternoon asking if they were connected to a website that published Pizzagate theories.

Pizzagate hopped off the virtual pages of some of the internet's most notorious sewers and into real life this weekend, when an armed man walked into Comet Pizza and fired a gun, while claiming he was there to "self-investigate" the claims of the conspiracy theory.

The calls to Roberta's may have been prompted by a YouTube video in which Instagram posts with purportedly coded Satanic and pedophilic messages from Roberta's are shown, while spooky music plays in the background. That video has since been removed, but a similar video claiming to unlock the alleged pro-pedophilia messaging found in the logo for Besta Pizza, in Amherst, New York, is still up:

On Voat, a Reddit clone that's been a refuge for people too racist or damaged for even an anything-goes website like Reddit, Roberta's got on the radar of Pizzagate believers after a user noticed it mentioned in an email included in a Wikileaks email dump. In the broken minds of people who claim to have found clues to an international child sex slavery ring and just post on the internet all day about it, Roberta's is just another in a long list of pizza places that could be involved in said sex slavery ring.

In the case of Roberta's, the fact that the Clintons once ate there (at a party I helped set up but was not allowed to stay for and yes I'm still angry about it) and the restaurant's use of Satanic imagery is proof that that they're somehow related to the worldwide conspiracy. A conspiracy that, despite an endorsement by Michael Flynn's failson, has yet to uncover any evidence of wrongdoing.

This may or may not be the end of New York City-based pizzerias getting targeted by the sharp investigative minds looking into Pizzagate. While it's impossible to tell if this is a true believer or a troll, at least one Voat user claims they've been calling every pizzeria they can find in their search for answers.