When food trucks started getting kicked out of pretty much every neighborhood in Manhattan, a handful of vendors decided to take their business across the Hudson and set up shop in Hoboken. There was already a thriving food truck scene in the city prior to the Manhattan crackdown, but now, even New Jersey is putting the kibosh on mobile food vendors, setting up some crazy hoops for vendors to jump through.

New York Street Food caught wind of The Taco Truck's battle with the Hoboken City Council. On a long Facebook note to their fans, the Truck writes, "It has become apparent to us that the City of Hoboken is doing its best to marginalize the food trucks and make it impossible for us to conduct business." The city is raising mobile vendor fees by a huge margin (from $500 to $3,500), requiring trucks to set up no closer than 75 feet from a brick and mortar restaurant, and they're only allowed to part for six hours at a time, therefore prohibiting a truck from serving lunch and dinner. "Why would any food truck owner choose to vend in Hoboken with this restriction?" asks the Truck.

Councilman David Mello responded on Facebook (where politics play out, apparently), explaining that he's open to revising the ordinance, so we'll see how this plays out. Perhaps he tasted a bite of TTT's chorizo taco and saw the light. [via Grub Street]