2008_06_salsa.jpgThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the Center for Disease Control is looking into other causes of the salmonella outbreak that has affected hundreds of Americans across the country.

Thought tomatoes are the likeliest source of the outbreak, the AJC explains, "investigators are looking at other foods that might have been eaten along with raw tomatoes, especially produce items in foods commonly consumed by outbreak victims, such as pico de gallo, guacamole and fresh salsa."

Earlier this month, food officials warned that certain kinds of tomatoes from certain regions of the country may have caused cases of salmonella, forcing restaurants and stores to re-think their tomato offerings. So far, seven NYC residents have been afflicted, for a total of 25 cases in NY State.

Safe tomatoes include "cherry tomatoes; grape tomatoes; tomatoes sold with the vine still attached; tomatoes grown at home; and red plum, red Roma, and round red tomatoes" from NY, NJ, and other areas.