What do you do when you live too far away from New York to get a bagel that's not a bland dough roll masquerading as edible food? First, you let the sadness wash over you, and then maybe you give in and go to Einstein Bros., and then you reassess whatever life choice took you too far from Absolute. In Australia, though, one restaurant decided to #disrupt those sad bagel-related feelings by cramming a bacon cheeseburger between bagel halves and a shot of bacon-garnished bourbon in the bagel hole.

Sydney, Australia's Chicken & Sons have gotten some food buzz news for creating what they called the Bourbon Bagel earlier this week. For $22 ($16.43 American), Chicken & Sons served up an Angus beef pattie topped with American cheese (or in Australian parlance, Yankee cheese), bourbon-glazed bacon, pickles, jalapeño, special sauce and bourbon barbecue sauce all on a sesame seed bagel. It's also topped, so to speak, with a shot of Bulleit bourbon garnished with bacon, which is stuffed in the bagel hole.

The Bourbon Bagel looks so good and gluttonous you might wish Bagel Hole had dreamt it up first. But don't forget this important fact: this is how people must amuse themselves when they don't have good bagels. So if you find yourself pining for the Bourbon Bagel, remind yourself that special sauce AND barbecue sauce is overkill; you can make something like this at home if you really want; and most importantly, you have access to perfect everything bagels with lox and cream cheese, and Australians do not.

(h/t Grub Street)