How many times have you arrived at a roof party only to realize that you left your Snuggie at home? Probably never, but just in case, this winter the rooftop garden bar 230 Fifth has you covered. Literally. Owner Steven Greenberg has purchased 1,000 Snuggie-esque fleece hooded robes for outdoor use at the Flatiron district lounge. He tells us this is the third year he's supplied them to guests; during the first season he bought 300, and by spring they were all gone due to theft. He then restocked with 500 last year, but by the end only 300 remained. But instead of lining the robes with GPS-rigged explosives programmed to detonate a block away, Greenberg just bought another thousand. So don't feel too bad if you wake up back at home still wearing yours.

Greenberg also says he's nearly doubled the number of heaters to over 100, and introduced a new menu of "thermally hot cocktails." In addition to classics like Hot Apple Cider with Apple Pucker, 230 Fifth serves a Hot Cherry Cider with Three Olives Cherry Vodka, a "Wired" Quadruple Espresso topped with Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, and a Triple Hot Chocolate with Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur. The beauty is that you can consume all of these drinks in one night and, since the faux-Snuggie robe also doubles as a bib, there's no need worry about the usual after-effects.