2006_09_SPINACH2.jpgThe government is asking Americans not to eat spinach as it continues to investigate the E.coli outbreak related to the leafy green. Spinach - and other vegetable - supplier Natural Selection has been cleared of contamination, but the FDA hasn't lifted the recalls on Natural Selection brands. But some restaurants and grocery stores are still featuring spinach, as the Post reports seeing "spinach soups, spinach pizzas and even bunches of fresh spinach." Now, spinach soups and pizzas might be passable, because the spinach could have been long frozen (how does E.coli do in the freezing temps, though?), but we'd think most customers would avoid spinach.

Yesterday, commenter brooklynbee noted her experience with her spinach:

I had ordered a spinach salad from Fresh Direct and ate half of it the night before the spinach recall, needless to say I threw the rest out - even though it wasn't bagged spinach. FD actually called me and told me not to eat the spinach and to throw it out just to be safe, even though that spinach shouldn't have been affected, and they offered me a full refund on the salad. Now that's customer service. Of course I'm sure they don't want all their spinach-eating customers to die.

That's good customer service from Fresh Direct, but it's made easier since they have all the orders in their computer. When Gothamist headed to the grocery store yesterday, we avoided spinach or packaged salads, but did buy some broccoli and lettuce. Has the outbreak affect your green vegetable habits?