We sure hope nobody in that teeming mass of humanity who went to Bryant Park to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was drinking booze last night. Though for a hot second it looked like drinking was going to be allowed for movies in the park turns out it was never actually made legit. And it won't be.

"People like to bring drinks to the film festival and now we're trying to match the rules with the reality," Nell Wright, an event producer at the Bryant Park Corporation, said last month of the plan to sell booze from the park's 'wichcraft kiosks and let people BYO. Community Board 5's Parks Committee even agreed with the BPC on the matter and all that needed to be done was get final approval from the Board and the SLA, but that was then.

When we double-checked on the status of drinking in the park today the BPC told us it "decided not go ahead with the plan after consultation with its partners, but will still seek official approval from CB5. The request was filed with the SLA before this decision was made. The situation is status quo."

So if you are planning on going to see The 39 Steps next week, you might want to cover up your brews. Nobody wants to get a pricey ticket at a free movie. And if you really want to drink legally in the park, well, the Central Park food trucks are serving.