Williamsburg's hybrid Urban Outfitters store debuts the edible portion of its branding exercise next week when the restaurant finally debuts on July 22nd. Helming the show is Top Chef alum and LA restaurateur and competition cooking show host Ilan Hall, who'll bring a version of his West Coast restaurant the Gorbals to the multi-level store/barstaurant. Over on the UO Blog (yup), Hall mocks the kale-centric BK restaurant culture, revealing he won't serve the green at his restaurant because "everyone has a kale salad." Up yours, Brooklyn!

Instead, look out for "irreverent" foods like bacon-wrapped matzo balls (so edgy!), wood-fired fish and soup simmered with the feet of 1,000 rabbits. Hall, who claims to love supermarket sushi and single malt scotch, hasn't revealed a specific menu just yet but the LA version includes the kind of new fusion dishes that populate many a Williamsburg menu. Who's for banh mi poutine?

[via GrubStreet]