Edibles have long been the domain of stoners with a sweet tooth, but no more—an enterprising NJ native has been tinkering with cannabis-infused salmon. How does one stumble onto the idea of "baked" salmon? By experimenting for 4/20, obviously.

Josh Pollack, the owner of Rosenberg's Bagels in Denver, originally made the stoner salmon for a weed day event this year near his shop, Grub Street reports. Colorado being Colorado, the locals aren't too fussed about weed anymore—but Pollack says "you can roll up with a bunch of weed fish and bagels and people are freaking out".

Rosenberg's General Manager Nicholas Bruno has extolled the virtues of pot salmon over regular marijuana treats in the past. "The flavor is really great, not that weed brownie flavor that you try to cover up with chocolate," Bruno told the Huffington Post. "The dill, lemon and cannabis, everything melds perfectly with the fish."

Pollack's still working on getting a consistent dosage into the fish so it can be sold across dispensaries, but it's proving a difficult task—the salmon's fat makes the potency irregular, meaning it's difficult to get the activated milligrams of THC right (servings must have 10 milligrams or less in Colorado). If the kinks are ironed out and all goes to plan, the weed salmon creator says it'll retail for around $100 a pound—or, "$12.50 for a nice portion that also happens to get you stoned for several hours".

But lovers of weed and/or salmon, take heed—the pair might not be entirely compatible. Munchies reported back in April last year that pot cultivation has been sucking up the water from creeks and streams in Northern California. Seeing as how these are the streams where Coho salmon swim, marijuana growers could be inadvertently restricting the possibility of marijuana-infused salmon.

FWIW, there is no word on where Pollack falls on toasting weed salmon bagels.