A lust for Internet fame can be a dangerous thing, especially when coupled with pyromaniac tendencies. A New Jersey man nearly set his home ablaze this weekend while trying to film a video for YouTube that involved setting a cake on fire. YouTube popularity is confusing.

Firefighters were called to the Maywood home on Sunday morning, where they found an irate man who "demanded they leave" and was "yelling at his wife" for calling 911, according to NorthJersey.com. After smelling gasoline on the man's clothing, a police officer was finally able to get the story of what had happened. "The resident was attempting to film a fire with a birthday cake utilizing his iPad to post on You Tube," said Police Chief David Pegg. "He was using lighter fluid and gasoline on his kitchen table when it got out of control."

The fire had been contained to the couple's kitchen table and the resident "was able to extinguish most of the fire before the Fire Department arrived and felt it was unnecessary for them to even be there," according to Pegg. It should be noted that even without adding accelerants, birthday cakes are already an accident waiting to happen. The quest for a fiery internet video also led to the destruction of a Cobble Hill playground in 2011 when a group of teens lit a slide on fire while attempting a similar YouTube stunt. YouTube must be banned.