There's always an element of danger when dining out, whether it's critters in your food or fear of fellow patrons. We must put our trust in the people preparing and handling our food, hoping against hope they won't secretly degrade our meal with their bodily fluids. Which does happen on occasion. A chef at a pub in Budd Lake, NJ has been arrested for allegedly spitting into a customer's food. The customer's crime? Sending food back to be cooked more.

After the customer made the request, an employee of Kennedy's Pub observed cook John Stagg spitting into the dish before sending it back out to the table. The unnamed employee/hero then called the police, who arrested the cook, charging him with tampering with food and disorderly conduct. Stagg's rage issues are well-document; the cook spent over eight years in prison for an incident where he robbed and beat a gas station attendant.

The cook has obviously been fired from his job; "for someone to be able to do that, it’s unbelievable, unbelievable," said manager Marybeth Ball. The restaurant was given an inspection on Monday and allowed to stay open while it tended to several other health violations. Meanwhile, the unfortunate, 51-year-old victim of Stagg's crime was notified of what transpired with his meal. Unless Stagg was carrying some kind of disease or virus at the time of the incident, the ill effects should be purely emotional.