Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema has never been a stale popcorn, boxed candy-type of operation, and until the Alamo Drafthouse opens in Downtown Brooklyn someday, the art house theater will continue to offer the most ambitious food program of any cinema in NYC. This year, Nitehawk added a new head chef into the mix, Kurt Applegate, who's responsible for creating each new seasonal menu. If the photos are to be believed, Applegate's outdone himself for autumn, debuting some rich, delectable entries you'll attempt to quietly eat while watching horror movies.

Keeping with trend, there's a Fried Chicken Sandwich ($14) made with pickled-brined chicken breast and topped with cilantro-jalapeno aioli plus a beef Meatball Hoagie ($13) topped with fontina and parmesan on a Martin's roll. Finger foods include a luscious Burrata Crostini ($8) with fig compote, a very autumnal Flatbread ($10) with squash and Short Rib Empanadas ($11) with kimchi and gochujang aioli.

Never ones to miss an opportunity for wackiness, they're also debuting a new popcorn flavor made with maple honey-butter and tossed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($8). And finally, an Affogato Float ($5) made with Manhattan Special espresso soda, Nutella soft serve and a shot of whisky for another $5 if you're feeling wild.