Everyone was super pumped when it was announced that Shake Shack would open a new location in a former parking lot at 47 Prince Street in Nolita. Well, almost everyone—many neighbors were not enthusiastic about Shake Shack's downtown debut, and "residents of the historic Little Italy neighborhood of Nolita have reacted with a mixture of shock, dread and horror as news spread of the hamburger chain Shake Shack’s proposed location in the heart of the picturesque area," blared a press release from a local anti-Shack coalition. Sadly, dread and horror have ruled the day!

The wildly popular Shake Shack, known as much for its delicious food as its long lines, sparked fear in the community about, well, long lines. Because there would have been minimal seating inside and only a 30-seat, seasonal area on the roof, neighbors anticipated noisy spillover into their quiet street. Jane Krupp, who has lived in the area 31 years, spoke for the locals when she wondered, "Where are these people going to go to eat their meals? Probably on my stoop." And at a recent Community Board 2 meeting, some 70 locals come out in opposition to the plan, the Villager reports.

Today David Swinghamer, CEO of Shake Shack, officially waved the white flag: "After much thoughtful consideration, we have elected to forgo plans to build a Shake Shack in Nolita. We were incredibly excited about investing in such an authentic neighborhood with its bustling retail scene and vibrant street life. Unfortunately, we could not solve the problem of building something that both made good business sense and was harmonious with the concerns of immediate neighbors." For now, you'll just have to go crawling above 23rd Street to get your fix. Alternatively, tell us how overrated Shake Shack is in the comments!