Man, Work In Progress (WiP) just can't catch a break. The SoHo nightclub that played host to an epic bottle brawl between Chris Brown and Drake this summer might have only one week left to live, assuming a judge suspends an earlier court decision allowing WiP to keep its liquor license next Friday.

The SLA decided to suspend WiP's liquor license post-bloody bar fight, which injured a number o other patrons that night including NBA star Tony Parker. They also slapped WiP with a $20,000 fine, a hefty sum for the club considering they were getting sued left and right by everyone within sixty feet of the brawl. But a judge swept in to keep the $400 Grey Goose flowing, granting them a suspension of the SLA's suspension in July.

Now, WiP's heading back to court on Friday to see if another judge (this time, at the big leagues of the Manhattan Appellate Court) will suspend that judge's suspension of the SLA's suspension. If that judge sides with the SLA and suspends the first judge's suspension, WiP'll be gone, but if not, those red velvet ropes and sweet suits from Jersey will thankfully live to see another day.